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This section is definitely still a work in progress. If you know of a link that should be included, please let me know at let Lisa know. And don't forget the Twins List Vacation FAQ.
All About Traveling Internationally with Your Kids

This is a fabulous site. You'll find lots of information specifically on international travel, including:

  • Health and Safety;
  • Getting passports and visas;
  • Why you should eat at McDonalds in Beijing;
  • Sections on traveling while pregnant, and international adoptions;
  • And a special section on *moving* abroad, as opposed to just visiting.

Flying with Kids
"Air travel advice and travel tips for families travelling with a baby or pre-school age children, shared by parents from the 'nation of the World's greatest travellers' - New Zealand."

A great site!!

"HotelView® provides a fully narrated video "walking" tour through select hotels worldwide."

I haven't used their service, so I can't comment on the quality of their videos, but they have a lot of really useful links to major hotel chains, airlines, and other travel-related sites.

"Your central location for cheap airline tickets, discount air travel and frequent flyer information, discount hotels, discount car rentals, family travel resources, and discount travel tips."

Again, I haven't used their commercial services, but they have FAQs on family travel, suggestions for activities in various locations, advice on dealing with delayed flights, and a lot of other great articles.

Young Family Travelers
"We are a wholesale travel company based in Warwick RI USA specializing in travel for today's families. We offer low negotiated rates at family friendly hotels and resorts worldwide."

More travel FAQs--though I did have to hunt to get to them (hint: the pictures on the home page are all links). I found information on things I wouldn't have thought to look for, like how much to tip the cabin steward on a cruise....

Commercial sites listed above are included primarily because of supplementary materials they provide, such as FAQs or articles. The Twins List does not specifically endorse or recommend any commercial products or services.

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