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We traveled to France from southern California with our 2 1/2 year old daughter and our 8 month old boy/girl twins. We had a great time and the kids did very well. Travel with three kids under the age of three can be done and it can be very enjoyable also.

Consider the timing of the flight.

When planning your flight, there are several things you can do from the very beginning to ensure a smooth trip. For instance, consider the timing. Often a night flight is easier, since the babies will probably sleep. Also, if you're traveling during a holiday, consider extending your vacation, so you can miss the busiest travel days.

Order special meals in advance.

If you plan on ordering children's meals, do it when you make your reservation. Even if a travel agent does the booking, call to double check that the meals were ordered. It's not automatic!

One advantage to ordering special meals, whether for the kids or for yourself, is that the special meals are often served before the other food. This can make managing mealtime much easier.

Will you have a layover in Europe? Try going through Amsterdam.

When planning a flight, you may have a choice of where you have a layover. For anyone traveling in Europe, Amsterdam has received rave reviews:
We had a total of four flights, since we had a layover in Amsterdam in each direction. Schipol airport is highly recommended for anyone traveling in Europe with children-- it has several "baby rooms". This was a large, clean room with about 6 changing stations, 5 cribs, and 5 playpens. We had a chance to sit down, change diapers comfortably (unlike an airplane...), etc. One boy there came over to look at our twins in the car seats, and kept saying "one baby playing one baby sleeping". So cute!!!

If you're taking a commuter flight, there are some special considerations.

Commuter planes don't fly high enough to require oxygen masks, so two adults and two lap babies will be able to sit together (see seating). These smaller planes have a special baggage section in back for carry-on luggage which you won't need during the flight. This is very convenient for strollers and non-baby carry-ons. They set them on the ground for you on arrival so you don't have to go to baggage claim to get them.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to these "puddle jumpers," especially when traveling 1 on 2. For one thing, you'll have to climb stairs to get on the plane. Not always easy with two infants. People are generally more than willing to help, though. In addition, these planes have two seats to a side, which means that if the parent and both children are ticketed, they won't be able to sit together. If you are not willing to travel this way (and you know larger planes do fly to your destination), be sure to notify your travel agent.

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