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Bring photo ID for ticketed passengers.

Recently, airlines have been checking ID's more carefully. On one occasion, I even had to present photo ID for one of my daughters when she was a ticketed passenger (at 23 months).
They require a photo ID for check-in. Ask if both ticketed passengers need to be present at check-in, or can one of you show your tickets and both driver's licenses while the other entertains the kids elsewhere? We also always take copies of the kids birth certificates with us as proof of age and identity, but we've never been asked to show them.

Be sure you have a long form birth certificate to obtain a passport (US).

In the US, you'll need a "long form" birth certificate to obtain a passport.
The "long form" birth certificates are required for granting passports. Abstracts are no longer accepted, although they did give us a temporary passport which expires in a year compared to 5 years. We did not even realize that there were two types of birth certificates. We went through the same procedure for requesting birth certificates for our older daughter and for the twins. We received the abstract for the older child and the long form for the twins. We will have to specifically ask for the long form in order to get the "real" passport that lasts 5 years. At least they gave us a temporary one so we could still go on our trip without delays.

Bring proper documentation if traveling abroad with only one parent.

Recently, a member of the twins list asked whether there was a special procedure when traveling abroad with only one parent. The answer was a resounding yes.

Bring a signed letter from the parent who is staying behind, giving permission for the child(ren) to leave the country with the other parent. You may not be asked for it, but it's better (and easier!) to have it and not need it, than to get turned back at the airport. (This also applies if you're driving across the US-Canada border).

Set up a frequent flier account for each baby.

Many airlines will give them miles even if they were lap babies. This can add up very quickly!

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