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I have read with much interest everyone's stats. As I read each one, I thought it sure would be nice to know the averages. So, I created a spreadsheet and entered the individual stats in it. Can you guess that I'm on bedrest?!!

There were 77 responses. --Deborah

Do Age and Height Influence the Outcome? Weeks Carried
Average: 36.6
Age at Birth
Average: 31.4
31 and under 36.7 weeks
32 and over 36.4 weeks
Average: 5' 5"
Under 5 ft 5 in 36.3 weeks
5 ft 5 in and over 36.8 weeks

Average Maternal
Weight Gain
Average Weight
Larger Twin* Smaller Twin*
40.2 lbs 6 lb 1 oz 5 lb 6 oz
* Note: Some twins were same weight

Boy/Girl Boys Girls
29 29 19


72 women responded with the type of delivery.

Pregnancy complications

Note: not everyone included information on complications during pregnancy/delivery (provided below), so I specified "at least" in front of each statistic below. They could be higher.
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