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Internet Resources for Parents of Multiples

This FAQ contains a variety of Internet resources for parents of multiples.

Due to a shortage of volunteer hours, we are no longer able to make additions or corrections to this website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Websites for Parents of Twins/Multiple

Note: Our Organizations for Parents Of Multiples FAQ contains links to many organizations for parents of multiples, such as Triplet Connection, MOST and NOMOTC, which also have online sites with support and advice.

Elizabeth Lyons website

Description: Website of syndicated columnist, Elizabeth Lyons includes information on her book, Ready or Not...Here We Come! The REAL Experts' Cannot-Live-Without Guide to the First Year with Twins, as well as numerous articles for parents of multiples.

Got Twinz?

Description: Diverse message board offering forums for parents, fun forums, an arcade, articles, and a knowledge base

Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles

Description: "Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles is a non-profit support network for families and families-to-be of multiple birth children. We are based in Massachusetts but have members in all six New England states." - Parents Of Multiples Across Canada

Description: An internet community for Canadian parents of multiples. offers:
  • discussion boards
  • guest articles
  • classified ads
  • auctions
  • and more.

Multiple Birth
Multiple Birth: Prenatal Education & Bereavement Support

Description: Comprehensive and informative site for parents expecting twins, triplets or more and for parents whom have already had their children. Bereavement support for bereaved multiple birth families as well as surviving co-multiples. Articles for professionals and others with an interest in multiple birth issues.

Parenting Multiples at

Description: This site contains a wide variety of articles, resources and support information for parents of twins, triplets and higher order multiples.

Talk About Twins

Description: > Christina Tinglof, author of several books including, Double Duty: The Parent's Guide to Raising Twins, has created this website which provides thorough, well-researched articles to parents of multiples on a variety of topics from pregnancy and discipline to education and family travel. Also included are a variety of printable checklists specifically to help new parents of multiples get organized.

Twin Services

Support for parents of twins
Twin Servives, Inc.
PO Box 10066
Berkeley, CA 94709
TWINLINE: (510) 524-0863
Se habla espanol

Twins Help

Description: is comprised of a product catalog and helpful website for parents of multiples. The catalog carries a wide variety of products and services with a special focus on coordinated clothing for children and gifts for the family. The site is filled with original, high-quality content and practical advice from fellow parents of multiples as well as trusted professionals.

Twins Magazine

Description: Twins Magazine home site includes
  • information on their current issue
  • resources
  • fun facts
  • shopping mall
  • photo gallery
  • twin books
  • comics
  • and more

The Twins Network

Description: The Resource for Understanding Twins and Sharing Iformation -- started by identical twin sisters
  • Twin information
  • Twin events
  • Twin survey
  • Twin news
  • Links
  • Twin facts and trivia
  • Info for parents of twins
  • Twin Casting notices
  • Twin Research notices

Description: is a friendly and supportive community for parents, relatives and friends of twins, triplets and multiples. This site includes a forums section, chat section and a links section.

Twinsclub UK

Twinsclub UK is one of only a handful of sites aimed at parents of multiples in the UK. We aim to link up all the national twins clubs with discussion forum, trading post, news, views, info, advice etc. Twinsclub UK is a non-profit making site, run by parents of twins,for parents of twins.


Description: Updated weekly, is dedicated to providing new & expecting twin moms (and dads!) with encouragement, one-on-one Q&A opportunities, Testimonies from the Twin Trenches humor, highlighted Twindividuals, and a Double Baby Book Club.


Description: An informative website for parents of twins and more and is especially useful to those who have twins as first children! This site covers parenting twins from Pregnancy thro to age 18 years.

Two Peas in a Pod

Description: Site maintained by Jonathan and Rachel Pielak, parents of twins. Two Peas in a Pod includes
  • Jonathan and Rachel's experiences parenting their twin daughters
  • information about thier book, Two Peas In a Pod
  • twin facts
  • twin links
  • shopping opportunities
  • bulletin board area.

Websites for Parents of Supertwins

Note: Our Twin/Multiples Organizations FAQ contains links to many organizations for parents of multiples which also have online sites with support and advice.

Triplets Quads and Quints

Description: Advice, support links, link to Tripcom Mailing List FAQs


Zygosity Testing

Affiliated Genetics

Web site:

Genetic Technologies Corporation

Web site:

PRO-DNA Diagnostic

(Canada and US)
Web site:

Proactive Genetics, Inc.

Web site:

E-Mail Lists

Note: Some of the websites above might also have e-mail lists.

Google Groups

Description: There are many e-mail lists for parents of multiples that have been established on Google Gropus. At the site, do a search for "parenting twins" and you will find a variety of twin related lists.

Twins-l Mailing List

"This list is intended for discussion of all aspects of twins and supertwins (triplets, quadruplets,...)."
Subscription info: Go to and click on "Join the Twins List" button.

Yahoo Groups

Description: There are many e-mail lists for parents of multiples that have been established on Yahoo Gropus. At the site, do a search for "twins" and you will find a variety of twin related lists.


Message Boards


Description: is a place for twin parents, both mothers and fathers, to gather advice, find information and enjoy entertainment outside the parenting realm.

Usenet Newsgroup--alt.parenting.twins-triplets

Go to Web page Click on alt.parenting.twins-triplets


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