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Internet Sites for Twins/Multiples

This resource page lists links to Internet sites that are focused on twins/multiples.

Due to a shortage of volunteer hours, we are no longer able to make additions or corrections to this website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Twin Sites

Description: Twinstuff is a web site managed by twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders
  • Twin information
  • Bulletin boards
  • Twin Events
  • Merchandise
  • Twin news
  • Twin fun and games
  • Info for parents of multiples on zygosity testing
  • Stroller guide
  • Links

The Twins Network

Description: The Resource for Understanding Twins and Sharing Iformation -- started by identical twin sisters
  • Twin information
  • Twin events
  • Twin survey
  • Twin news
  • Links
  • Twin facts and trivia
  • Info for parents of twins
  • Twin Casting notices
  • Twin Research notices

Twins World

Description: Maintained, researched and written by twin sisters, Lisa & Debbie Ganz. Twinsworld is creative, fun site to bring parents of multiples and adult twins together.
  • Photos
  • Facts
  • Jokes
  • Contests
  • Festival Information
  • Resource Information
  • Twins Restaurant Information
  • Casting Agency
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Chats
  • Merchandise

Festivals & Conventions

Our information on Festivals and Conventions has been moved to another FAQ.

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