Twins List E-mail FAQ

Everyone on the Twins List uses e-mail to read and write messages on the Twins List. Many of us on the Twins List have had problems at one time or another getting our e-mail program to do what we want it to.

Please note: Messages *must* be in plain text.
A filter will stop messages in styled text (HTML, Rich Text Format, or other MIME encoded files) from being sent to the list. Most of the list members will not be able to view any special formatting you add; in fact, your message may come out completely unreadable in most email readers. You will *NOT* receive an indication that your message did not make it through the filter! If you're not sure how to switch your mail format to plain text, please check this site:
Another good reference site is

If you're having difficulty with e-mail you may want to check with one of the people listed below. They're not necessarily experts, but perhaps they can help you out. If you have a configuration not shown on the list, try to pick someone who uses something similar.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable using your e-mail program on a day-to-day basis, please send your name, what type of computer system you use, and the name of your e-mail package to me to add your name to this list.

This document is intended ONLY for subscribers to the Twins List. Please do not distribute it elsewhere. Thanks to everyone that has helped with this document and especially those who have volunteered to list their names below. Suggestions to improve this document are welcomed and should be sent to Curtis Anderson.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my Twins List digest comes as an attached file?

A: The program that automates the Twins List (called ListProcessor) uses the MIME format to make the digest easier to read for e-mail packages that can work with MIME. If your e-mail package doesn't support MIME then you may need to save the digest as a file and then read it using another application such as a text editor or word processor. If the digest option doesn't work out for you you may wish to subscribe to the non-digest version of the list if you are willing to receive many individual messages every day. Check the Twins List FAQ for more information about your Twins List subscription options.

Q: What is MIME?

A: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. A useful FAQ document about MIME can be found at:
Some e-mail packages don't support MIME at all while others partially or fully support it.

Q: Can I use special formats (bold, colors) when I post to the list?

A: No. Owing to the many problems special formats (MIME, HTML) cause to the list, a filter will prevent messages with special formatting from being posted to the list.

Q: I only see the table of contents for the Digest, where are the actual messages?

A: This often happens with AOL. You will need to open a word processor to read it.

The downloaded e-mail digest can be found in the AOL download file. As an example, using Windows, while in Notepad (or WordPerfect, or even in the file manager program):

  1. Click *Open File* from the toolbar
  2. Click on the AOL file
  3. Click on the download file, where the twin digests are listed.
Q: Is my subscription working? Should I send a test message to find out?

A: PLEASE do NOT send test messages to the list!
If you need to know whether your subscription is still active or not, send an email to with the text:

       set twins-L

In the BODY of the message, not the subject line. You will shortly (typically less than 10 minutes) receive a message back from the list server indicating whether it knows about you or not, and what your current subscription status is.

Q: I have internet e-mail, but I don't have access to other internet services like the World Wide Web, newsgroups, etc. How can I get information from those sources?

A: You can use e-mail to access other services such as web pages, although it's less convenient. To get extensive information, send a message with a blank subject line to: and enter only this line in the BODY of the note:
send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email

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